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(Video) 2018 Swift Idol is Friday at 5 p.m. under the Big Top!

The eight finalists for this year’s Fall River Propane Swift Idol will be on the main stage under the Big Top at the 2018 Lincoln County Fair on Friday evening.

The 2018 winner will take home $3,000 courtesy of Sterling Urgent Care. The runner-up will earn $1,000 from Simplot Smoky Canyon Mine.

Over 50 auditions were submitted and the finalists were selected by SVI’s panel of judges.Those judges were Travis Osmond, Shelby Thatcher & Case Tippetts.

The winner and runner-up will be selected by public vote during the competition on Friday, August 10 beginning at 5 p.m.


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  1. We really enjoyed watching the Swift Idol competition and were very impressed with the talent of the contestants. However, I think you need to restructure your voting system for next year’s competition. We were unaware that we were only allowed one vote until we received a response to our text vote for a contestant early on in the contest. We wish that this had been clarified and repeated more. We were watching online, and commented that it could even have been written on the screen somewhere. While all 8 of the contestants are talented, one of the obviously most talented singers did not even make it into the final 4. It was obvious that it became a popularity contest. The final two contestants both represented communities from which they probably received nearly unanimous voting support. Allowing people to vote for more than one contestant (maybe have 3 votes, but only use one vote per contestant) would allow them to vote for their “best friend or hometown hero”, but also be able to vote for other talented singers. Also, why couldn’t the “judges” really have a say in the deciding vote? They had higher praise for contestants that weren’t even in the top 4. We feel that these changes, or ones similar, would make Swift Idol more of a true TALENT competition.

  2. 2018 Swift Idol was a joke. Everybody under that tent knows that young lady from Oklahoma/Texas outsang all of the others. This has become a popularity contest not a singing competition. And you would think that a radio station would recognize that. Next year should be judged by the radio station employees DJs, leave the vote to the DJs at least they listen to good music and can tell the difference. Way to many tone deaf parents and friends voting. It’s either a singing competition or it isn’t. I’ve lived here all my life and that young lady from OK/TX got screwed. Because she can really sing. Just saying!

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