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Wednesday Schedule for the 2020 Lincoln County Fair

The Horse Pulls were the main event in the grandstands on Tuesday August 4.  Horsepower will have a whole new meaning on Wednesday evening with the Monster Trucks taking over the grounds. (SVI Photo by Sarah Hale)


The 2020 Lincoln County Fair continues on Wednesday August 5 with a full slate of activities throughout the grounds such as entertainment under the Big Top, a full slate of entertainers roaming the grounds and Carnival Midway Attractions operating the rides.

The main event for Wednesday evening is the Monster X Tour Monster Truck Show – This event is SOLD-OUT-

Teylor Dunn is expected to be in the ICU for the next six weeks. Donate to the families via a GoFundMe account here.

• Helping Their Own

Food vendors on the grounds will be donating all of their tips for the week to the families of Teylor Dunn and Anthyn Titensor who were both badly burned in a propane explosion on Monday morning.

In addition, citizens may contribute to the families via accounts set up at the Bank of Star Valley or via this GoFundMe account. According to information gathered during a Wednesday morning update during the Weekday Wakeup, Anthyn may be released from the hospital this week but Teylor is likely facing six weeks in the ICU.

Please make a donation and/or share the link with everyone you can.